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    Landscape lights are available in a variety of designs, and you can choose lamps of different shapes and sizes as needed to suit different scenes and environments.

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  • Bell Smart Street Light

    Bell has developed a smart street light system that integrates multiple functions such as functional lighting, decorative lighting, and communication base stations. It adopts a modular design and users can choose functional modules according to their needs, providing cities with smarter and more convenient solutions.

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Cooperation field solutions

Bell Lighting has been focusing on outdoor lighting system solutions for 30 years

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Central SOEs and listed companies

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We are used in many industries

Reasonable planning and standard engineering construction to ensure smooth delivery

After-sales service

Strictly implement the company's after-sales commitments under the legal framework

Provide customers with complete solutions

1. Provide intelligent street lighting system that can automatically adjust according to factors such as ambient light, traffic flow and weather conditions.

2. Integrate intelligent sensing technologies such as motion detection, camera monitoring, etc. to improve the efficiency and safety of street lights.

3. The street lighting system can be remotely monitored and managed to achieve remote fault detection, maintenance and upgrade.

4. Integrate the street lighting system into the smart city network to achieve interconnection of urban infrastructure.

5. Use street light infrastructure to build a city sensor network to collect city data and conduct intelligent analysis.

6. Provide a smart city platform to provide convenient public services to urban residents, such as smart parking and environmental monitoring.

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Service Purpose - Creating Value for Customers

1. Our aim is to provide customers with customized street light solutions based on their specific needs and scene characteristics.

2. System solutions to meet customer needs to the greatest extent and create greater value for customers.

3. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, from product design, material selection to production and manufacturing, and after-sales service.

4. Every link ensures stable and reliable product quality and performance to provide long-term value to customers.

5. We continue to make technological innovations and invest in R&D to provide customers with excellent street light products and solutions.

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Over the past 30 years, Bell Lighting has continuously improved its comprehensive service capabilities and served the world